Why Mathew Bond ran for council

My parents’ generation grew up with a dream. A dream that if you went to school and got a good, steady job, you'd be able to own a home, start a family and have a nice car. If you worked hard and weren't frivolous with your money; you'd get by just fine. Today's world is different and my generation finds it more and more difficult to realize the dream our parents had about how the world ought to be.

As a proud newcomer to the District, I understand firsthand the challenges we all face. We struggle to find suitable, affordable housing and meaningful work that is close to home. We feel the pain and frustration of being stuck in traffic and are curious about alternatives. We are concerned about pollution and passionate about building a community that puts people first. A community that respects the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink.

In North Vancouver, we need a new dream. A dream that honours and respects the legacy of family, community and the high quality of life that North Vancouver's citizens have worked hard to establish. A dream that adapts that legacy to today's reality and provides us the option to embrace our role in the community. A dream that enhances that legacy and allows us to provide the same opportunity to our children.

I have a professional and educational background in transportation, cities and sustainability. My knowledge and expertise provides a new perspective on the issues facing our citizens. My personal experience in setting a vision for an organization, building the right team and establishing key partnerships provides me with the right tools to engage our community and help turn the dreams of our generation into reality.

I am inspired by the depth and diversity of education, talent and experience that each one of our citizens brings to our community. No one person is going to solve our community's concerns single-handedly. It takes an effort from each one of you, contributing your own unique voice, passion and strengths to build the best community for us all to live in. I offer you my well-rounded perspective, breadth of experience and passionate commitment to guide our community through the changes ahead.

My experience has shown me that even though you may be young, with the odds stacked against you, when you are dedicated to a worthy cause you will find amazing people who will help you make changes that no one ever thought were possible.

I look forward to speaking and connecting with you about the shared opportunities we have as a community. Please contact me at any time.

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