Mathew Bond values openness, transparency, and accountability in government

Open expenses for elected officials:

I will publicly disclose my job related expenses on my personal constituent website, where it can be accessed by you. Not hidden deep in a hard-to-reach webpage, not in a file folder at District Hall. Transparency needs to be a priority of every councillor. To honour this commitment, you can view my campaign expenses and contributions right now! This public information is required to be filed in my disclosure statement, why do you have to wait until after the election to access it?

Open decision making and communication:

As your Councillor, my top priority is to actively engage with you about the decisions that affect our community. I will provide you with an active website to discuss the decisions facing council and share your ideas for the future. I will provide you my direct cell phone number and email address, so you can contact me 24/7 about your concerns (please be kind . . .). I will keep an active Facebook and Twitter profile to engage youth and the tech-savvy in the political process, spread ideas and foster real discussion on how to make North Vancouver a better place to live.

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