Opportunities to make North Vancouver better

While we face many challenges in the District, I believe we have an amazing opportunity to make our community a better place to live for all.

It takes a whole systems way of thinking to build a better North Vancouver. To foster housing affordability and availability, we must manage density. To manage density, we must improve transportation and mobility. To improve transportation and mobility, we must provide infrastructure. To provide infrastructure we must build partnerships and protect the District's finances.

No one issue can be separated from another and it takes big picture, integrated thinking to develop and implement the right solutions to make our community a more vibrant and resilient place to live. My professional experience as a Systems Engineer provides you with a unique perspective on Council. A perspective to understand the complexity and nuances of the issues. A perspective to make the best long term decisions for our community. Please contact me at any time to discuss your ideas for a better North Vancouver.

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