Sustainable Mobility - Transportation, Transit and Traffic

Being stuck in traffic is frustrating and aggravating, and I feel that pain everyday on my commute to and from work in Coquitlam. A single stall on the Ironworkers causes chaos and I usually try to avoid going across Highway 1 in the afternoon. I've also lived in Surrey, Burnaby and Vancouver. I know that traffic and congestion are regional issues not limited to the District of North Vancouver.

I cycle from my home in Lynn Valley to Vancouver to visit friends, for meetings or for lectures. I know how nerve-wracking it can be getting to one of the bridges, either riding down Mountain Highway or Keith Road with cars whizzing by or squeezed up against the curb along Lynn Valley Road. While the ride down the hill isn't much effort, it's often tough to get back up (especially on a three-speed city bike).

Which is why after an evening meeting downtown, when it's dark and I'm tired, I often choose to take the SeaBus across the Inlet and catch the bus back up to Lynn Valley. I can't count how many times I've finished a meeting at 9pm and had to wait 30 minutes for the next Seabus, only to arrive at the Quay and see an already full bike rack on the bus. What should have been a thirty minute carefree trip turns into an hour and a half long exercise in futility.

I consider myself a multi-modal traveler, using whatever mode is easiest, most convenient and enjoyable for a given trip. Here are some specific ideas on how to improve our ability to move in and around the District:

Build a minimum grid of walking and cycling facilities.

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