Bringing Back the Lost Generation

North Vancouver is one of the most stunning places to live in the world and I have an immense amount of respect for those who have made the North Shore what it is today. For my wife Michelle and I, making the choice to live, put down roots, and start a family on the North Shore was an easy one. We have deep connections with outdoor recreation; being outside exploring everything the North Shore has to offer. We've met so many amazing people in the community through my years of volunteer work and we are honoured to call some of them our closest friends. We've taken the outstanding quality of life and sense of community belonging to heart and know that Lynn Valley is our home.

While the choice to live here was easy, actually doing it and making it work is a different story. Only our love and dedication to this community helped us to overcome those challenges. As a proud newcomer to the District, I understand firsthand the challenges our younger generation face in finding suitable, affordable housing and meaningful work that's close to home. I know what I, and my generational peers, want in a community. We want the freedom to choose how to move around safely, easily and conveniently, while not being entirely dependent on a personal vehicle. We have a strong desire to enhance the legacy of strong family values and community ties, the high quality of life, and the respect for nature that current and previous generations of North Vancouver citizens have worked hard to provide.

It is critical to both the social, cultural and financial fabric of our community that we provide an attractive and affordable community for people of all ages and incomes. An enormous opportunity exists for us to be bold in our thinking and make the right decisions today to keep our youth in the community.

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